Aphrodisia Cheat Codes – Update (2023)

Aphrodisia is an intriguing visual novel game, but it can sometimes be challenging due to its grinding elements. Fortunately, there are cheat codes available that can enhance your gaming experience by providing you with additional resources and abilities. Whether you’re looking for more charisma, money, energy, or reputation, these cheat codes can give you an edge without requiring excessive in-game progression.

Here is a comprehensive list of Aphrodisia cheat codes that you can use to enhance your gameplay:

  • STATS ENERGYzeusrules
  • ARCHEweedforlife
  • CHARISMAprettyboy
  • DOMINANCEtheconqueror
  • FITNESSgigachad
  • INTELLIGENCEbookworm
  • REPUTATIONfamousdik* (Replace * with c)
  • MONEYfukingrich* (Replace * with c)
  • CALLINGS ENERGYfullycharged
  • CALMNESSoceanman
  • PSYCHICthehypnotist
  • INVISIBILITYjohncena
  • LUCKfourleafclover
  • LUSThornysia
  • RAGEmesoangry
  • TIMEstophammertime
  • TRANSLOCATIONnowyouseeme

Remember, these cheat codes are case-sensitive, so be sure to enter them exactly as they appear in the game’s cheat system menu.

Aphrodisia Cheat Codes

Unleashing the Power of Aphrodisia Cheat Codes

You can quickly acquire the resources and abilities necessary to progress through the game by utilizing Aphrodisia cheat codes. Let’s delve deeper into the significance of some of these cheat codes:

STATS ENERGY: zeusrules

The cheat code Zeus rules grants you abundant energy, allowing you to engage in various activities without worrying about energy constraints. With a limitless supply of energy, you can explore the game’s world, interact with characters, and complete tasks without pause.

CHARISMA: prettyboy

The cheat code prettyboy enhances your charisma, making you more charming and persuasive in interactions with other characters. With increased charisma, you’ll have an easier time building relationships, gaining support, and achieving your goals.

MONEY: fu*kingrich

With the cheat code fukingrich*, you’ll amass a substantial amount of wealth. Money plays a crucial role in Aphrodisia, enabling you to purchase essential items, upgrade your abilities, and unlock new opportunities within the game.

REPUTATION: famousdi*k

Using the cheat code famousdik* (replace * with c) will skyrocket your character’s reputation. A high reputation opens doors to influential contacts, prestigious events, and exclusive quests, propelling you further in your journey.

Unleash Your Full Potential with Aphrodisia Cheat Codes

These cheat codes provide immense power and capabilities, enabling you to fully explore the world of Aphrodisia. From enhancing your physical attributes to increasing your wealth, each cheat code uniquely advances your character’s progress.

It’s important to note that cheat codes should be used responsibly. While they can enhance your gaming experience, relying too heavily on cheat codes may diminish the sense of accomplishment and challenge that comes with overcoming obstacles naturally. Use them to enhance your enjoyment, but remember to embrace the intended gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these Aphrodisia cheat codes applicable to all game versions? A: Yes, these cheat codes should work across all versions of Aphrodisia. However, checking for any updates or patches that may affect cheat code compatibility is always a good idea.

Q: Can using cheat codes in Aphrodisia result in penalties or bans? A: While cheat codes are generally allowed in single-player games like Aphrodisia, respecting the game’s terms of service is essential. Using cheat codes in multiplayer or online modes may result in penalties or bans. Always use cheat codes responsibly and within the game’s intended boundaries.

Q: How often are new Aphrodisia cheat codes released? A: The availability of new cheat codes for Aphrodisia can vary. Developers may release new cheat codes periodically, so it’s a good idea to stay updated by checking official forums, websites, or social media channels dedicated to the game.


Aphrodisia cheat codes provide an exciting opportunity to enhance your gameplay experience by unlocking additional resources and abilities. From boosting your charisma and reputation to accumulating wealth and energy, these cheat codes can give you a significant advantage within the game. Remember to use cheat codes responsibly and enjoy Aphrodisia’s unique journey. Stay tuned for potential updates and new cheat codes that may further enrich your gaming adventure.

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