Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Sex Mods : Ultimate Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a popular action role-playing fighting game developed by Dimps in 2016. It offers players the opportunity to protect the Dragon Ball timeline from various threats and alterations. With its immersive gameplay and vast customization options, the game has garnered a dedicated fan base. In addition to the vanilla outfits available in the game, players can enhance their gaming experience by utilizing Xenoverse 2 sex mods. These mods add explicit sexual content or themes to the base game, allowing players to adorn their characters with revealing costumes and indulge in more explicit interactions. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 sex mods and provide you with a curated list of the best mods available.

Understanding Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Before diving into the world of sex mods, let’s take a closer look at Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 itself. The game offers an engaging storyline where players must navigate through different sagas from the Dragon Ball series, combating enemies and correcting changes to history. In addition to the main story mode, Xenoverse 2 features parallel quests or side missions that offer opportunities to gain experience points, new skills, and items. Players can customize their characters with various outfits, skills, and equipment, and even interact with iconic characters from the Dragon Ball series.

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Exploring Xenoverse 2 Sex Mods

Similar to other popular games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has a thriving modding community that has developed a wide range of sex mods. These mods can vary in terms of complexity, from simple cosmetic changes to explicit sexual animations and interactions. Here is a curated list of some of the best Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 sex mods available:

  1. Kemono Party: A modding platform where you can find various Xenoverse 2 sex mods created by different modders.
  2. LoversLab: A community-driven website that offers a wide selection of adult mods, including sex mods for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.
  3. Female Roster Pack NSFW: This mod adds a collection of revealing outfits for female characters in the game.
  4. Lewd Fusion NSFW: A mod that introduces explicit fusion animations between characters.
  5. Jiggle Boobies 2 NSFW: This mod enhances the physics of character models, particularly focusing on breast physics.
  6. Unbuttoned Shirt NSFW: An outfit mod that features revealing unbuttoned shirts for male characters.
  7. Supreme Kai of Pleasure NSFW: This mod introduces an adult version of the Supreme Kai character with explicit animations.
  8. Nude Base and Lace NSFW: A mod that removes clothing from female characters, leaving them in their base form with lace lingerie.
  9. Busty Nude MAF NSFW and Updated: This mod enhances the bust size of female characters and removes clothing.
  10. Topless Physics NSFW: A mod that enables topless character models for female characters, with enhanced physics.
  11. SSJ4 Outfit Fur NSFW: This mod introduces a furry version of the Super Saiyan 4 outfit for custom characters.
  12. NSFW Lifted Pan Top: A mod that alters Pan’s outfit, lifting her top and exposing more skin.
  13. Busty Thick Nude HUF and SYF Now with Jiggle Option: This mod enhances the bust size of Human and Saiyan female characters and adds jiggle physics.
  14. SSJ4 Suit Goku Skimpy for HUF CAC: A mod that transforms Goku’s Super Saiyan 4 outfit into a more revealing version for Human and Saiyan female characters.
  15. Supersaiyaneggmans Nude Mod NSFW: This mod removes clothing from female characters, leaving them completely nude.
  16. Nr. 18 Clothesrr Skimpy for HUF CAC: A mod that alters Android 18’s outfit, making it more revealing for Human and Saiyan female characters.
  17. School Uniform Skimpy for HUF CAC: This mod introduces a skimpy version of the school uniform outfit for Human and Saiyan female characters.
  18. Broly Clothes Skimpy for HUF CAC: A mod that modifies Broly’s outfit, making it more revealing for Human and Saiyan female characters.
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Sex Mods

Installation and Compatibility

To install these mods, follow these general instructions:

  1. Download the mod files from the provided links.
  2. Extract the mod files to a temporary location.
  3. Locate your Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 game root folder.
  4. Copy the extracted mod files into the appropriate folders within the game root folder.
  5. Launch the game and enable the installed mods in the mod manager.

It’s important to note that mod compatibility can vary, and some mods may require additional steps or modifications to work correctly. Make sure to read the installation instructions provided by the mod creators for specific guidance.

Enjoying a Luscious Gameplay

With the extensive selection of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 sex mods available, players can enhance their gaming experience and enjoy a luscious gameplay. From revealing outfits to explicit animations, these mods cater to a variety of preferences. However, it’s crucial to remember that these mods may not be suitable for all players, and it’s essential to respect the boundaries and preferences of others in the gaming community.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 sex mods offer players the opportunity to customize their gaming experience and explore explicit content within the game. While these mods can enhance the visual appeal and provide a unique twist to the gameplay, it’s important to approach them responsibly and consider the preferences of others. By following the installation instructions and exploring the curated list of mods mentioned in this guide, you can embark on a luscious journey through the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 universe. Enjoy responsibly and have fun!

Additional Information:

  • It’s crucial to note that modding can have implications for the stability and performance of the game. Make sure to back up your game files before installing any mods and regularly update them to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Modding communities often have guidelines and rules regarding the creation and distribution of mods. Make sure to respect these guidelines and provide appropriate credit to mod creators when sharing or using their work.
  • Always download mods from reputable sources to ensure their safety and authenticity. Be cautious of downloading mods from unknown or unofficial websites, as they may contain malware or harmful files.
  • Remember to check for updates and new mods regularly, as the modding community continues to create and improve upon existing mods. Stay engaged with the community to discover new and exciting mods for your Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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