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It’s strange that the game Expedition Antarctica is available on our website, given that it debuted on the expanses of Roblox in 2018. The script is functional, has a graphical user interface, and includes bonuses for winning, earning infinite money, and visiting various locations. Money is the most crucial function in this game, and it will refill your account with coins immediately as soon as you activate it. You can see the account balance in the screenshot on the right, which was accumulated in only 20 seconds. With this money, you can purchase anything you want, and it will not take much time to earn it, provided that you can earn it in a few seconds.

Expedition Antarctica Game Or Script Info

Expedition Antarctica is an RP/Obby game on Roblox. The objective is to make it to the South Pole, which is located near the edges of Antarctica. Everything from the terrain to the landmarks to the animations and specs are all closely connected. As of December 2020, the game is usually frequented by up to 500 players. Playduo Studios developed the game in collaboration with many explorers and expedition groups.

From base camp, where the expedition supplies, dock, and tent are located, explorers begin their trek to Camp 1, Camp 2, Camp 3, and finally to the Beardmore Glacier. This game is particularly well researched, with many realistic elements. The game also provides information about Antarctica as part of its main interface, demonstrating just how much effort Playduo Studios put into this game.

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