Firestaff Code – Comprehensive Guide to Upgrading

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles is known for its thrilling zombie-slaying escapades. One of the game’s most captivating aspects is the collection of four elemental staffs, each with its own unique abilities. Among these, the Fire Staff — or Staff of Fire — is considered the most challenging to obtain and upgrade. This article provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to understanding the firestaff code, obtaining the Fire Staff, and upgrading it to Kagutsuchi’s Blood.

A Glimpse at the Firestaff Code

In COD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles, the Fire Staff is a formidable weapon. However, to wield this power, players must first unravel the firestaff code. This code pertains to the sequence of steps required to assemble and enhance the Fire Staff. It involves collecting various components, battling zombie hordes, and solving intricate riddles.

Fire Staff Acquisition: Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the firestaff code’s intricacies, it’s crucial to understand the basics of obtaining the Fire Staff. This process involves collecting three staff parts, an elemental crystal, a Gramophone, and related records. Additionally, players must acquire an elemental gem and fragments for the crafting of the Fire Staff.

Gathering the Fire Staff Components

The three components of the Fire Staff are scattered across the map. Here’s how players can find them:

  • First Component: This part can be found in the reward box next to Generator 6. However, to access this box, players need to power up the generator.
  • Second Component: After opening the path to the church, players must shoot down a glowing orange plane in the sky. The second component will be dropped close to the excavation site, on a walkway between two massive footprints.
  • Third Component: The final part is dropped by the Panzer Soldat, a formidable foe who appears in round eight. Players must defeat this enemy to collect the third component.
Firestaff Code - Comprehensive Guide to Upgrading

Upgrading the Fire Staff: Demystifying the Process

Once players have successfully crafted the Fire Staff, the next challenge is upgrading it. This process involves completing two riddles in the Crazy Place and defeating a certain number of zombies to charge the Fire Staff.

The First Riddle: Filling the Fire Cauldrons

The journey to upgrading the Fire Staff begins with a mini-game in the Crazy Place. The objective is to fill four fire cauldrons in a room by defeating approximately 30 zombies. This task should be carried out using the Fire Staff, specifically targeting zombies standing on the room’s grates.

Fill the Fire Cauldrons

The Second Riddle: Unraveling the Church’s Basement Mystery

The second riddle takes players to the basement of the church. This puzzle employs a complex numbering system and is entirely randomized, meaning each player will encounter a unique solution. The basement houses seven torches, each assigned a specific number. Moreover, a series of symbols are inscribed on the walls. The puzzle requires players to decipher these symbols and numbers to determine which torches to ignite with the Fire Staff. Here’s a breakdown of the corresponding symbols for each number:

Firestaff Code - Comprehensive Guide to Upgrading
  • Three: Two horizontal circles, the first filled in, the second open.
  • Four: Two horizontal circles, both filled in.
  • Five: One circle followed by two vertical circles, all filled in.
  • Six: Two vertical circles followed by one circle, the first two filled in, the third open.
  • Seven: Two vertical circles followed by one circle, all filled in.
  • Eight: Two vertical circles followed by two more vertical circles, all colored in.
  • Nine: Three horizontal circles, the first filled in, the last two open.
  • Ten: Three horizontal circles, the first and last filled in, the middle open.
  • Eleven: Two horizontal circles followed by two vertical circles. When the first horizontal circle and the two vertical circles are colored in, the second horizontal circle opens.

After successfully lighting the correct torches, players will receive praise from the character Samantha, signaling the completion of the riddle.

Further Steps to Upgrading the Fire Staff

After completing both riddles, players must align the floating rings at the Excavation Site. This involves rotating the levers until the four rings glow red. Once aligned, a red orb will rise from within the rings. Shooting this orb with the Fire Staff is the next step in the upgrade process.

Following this, players must return to the Crazy Place and place the Fire Staff on the Red Pedestal. The final stage in the upgrade process requires players to defeat approximately 30 zombies, allowing the Fire Staff to absorb their souls. After completing this task, players can retrieve the upgraded Fire Staff, now transformed into Kagutsuchi’s Blood, from the pedestal.


The firestaff code in COD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles presents a thrilling and challenging journey. By understanding the steps to obtaining and upgrading the Fire Staff, players can wield this powerful weapon with confidence. With its formidable power and captivating mystery, the Fire Staff is undoubtedly a game-changer in the world of COD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles.

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