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Phoodle, a puzzle game that combines food and wordplay, has taken the online gaming community by storm. Each day, players are challenged to decipher a five-letter word associated with food. Just like the popular game Wordle, but with a culinary twist. This article serves as your Update guide to today’s Phoodle answer, offering you hints and solutions to keep that winning streak alive. And remember you can always play the game here.

Phoodle’s Daily Puzzles: Past Answers

Just as you can learn from history, past Phoodle answers can help you predict and solve future puzzles. Here are some answers from previous months:

Phoodle Answers for July 2023

The table below lists the answers for Phoodle for July 2023:

July 4, 2023SKIRT
July 3, 2023HULLS
July 2, 2023HERBY
July 1, 2023GARAM

Phoodle Answers for June 2023

Here are the Phoodle answers for June 2023:

June 30, 2023STEMS
June 29, 2023TWIST
June 28, 2023BRATS
June 27, 2023JELLO

Phoodle Answers for May 2023

Below are the May 2023 answers for Phoodle:

May 31, 2023FROND
May 30, 2023DEVIL
May 29, 2023SIDES
May 28, 2023WOODY

Remember, these answers are not to be used for cheating but as a guide for you to understand the pattern and logic behind the game.

Today’s Phoodle Answer: Dive into the Details

If you’re here, it means you’re seeking today’s Phoodle answer. If you still want to guess, now’s the time to scroll up and give it another go before we reveal the answer.

Today’s Phoodle answer is:


This word not only refers to a length or measurement but also to a type of pastry in the culinary world, as in shortbread or shortcrust.


Phoodle is more than just a game. It’s an exercise in logic, knowledge, and intuition. It tests your culinary knowledge and your vocabulary. So, keep playing and keep learning! And remember, the fun is in the journey, not just the destination. So, enjoy the process of guessing and learning new words every day. Happy Phoodling!

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