RaweTrip – The Ultimate CS:GO Software – 2023

Are you an avid CS:GO player looking for a powerful software that can enhance your gaming experience? Look no further than RaweTrip, the ultimate CS:GO cheat software developed by trapwest. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and updates of RaweTrip, along with frequently asked questions and user feedback. So let’s dive in and discover what makes RaweTrip the go-to choice for CS:GO enthusiasts.

What is RaweTrip?

RaweTrip is a free cheat software specifically designed for the popular game CS:GO. Developed on the foundation of the renowned LEGENDWARE hack, RaweTrip offers an improved functionality and a completely revamped structure. With a wide range of features, customizable settings, and regular updates, RaweTrip has become highly sought-after among players.

Features of RaweTrip

RaweTrip boasts an extensive list of features that cater to various playstyles and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features offered by this powerful CS:GO software:

  1. Aimbot: Enhance your aim and accuracy with RaweTrip’s advanced aimbot feature. This allows you to lock onto enemies and take them down with precision.
  2. ESP (Extra Sensory Perception): Gain an edge over your opponents by utilizing RaweTrip’s ESP feature, which provides real-time information about enemy positions, health, weapons, and more.
  3. Triggerbot: Dominate your enemies with RaweTrip’s triggerbot, which automatically shoots when your crosshair is on an enemy player.
  4. Bunnyhop: Master movement mechanics with RaweTrip’s bunnyhop feature, allowing you to effortlessly hop and strafe around the map.
  5. Skin Changer: Customize your in-game appearance with RaweTrip’s skin changer, which lets you apply different skins to your weapons.
  6. Radar Hack: Stay one step ahead of your opponents with RaweTrip’s radar hack, which displays the locations of all players on your minimap.
  7. Recoil Control: Minimize weapon recoil and improve your accuracy with RaweTrip’s recoil control feature.
  8. Stream Proof: RaweTrip is designed to be stream-proof, ensuring that your cheats remain undetectable even while streaming your gameplay.

These are just a few of the many features that RaweTrip offers. The software is constantly updated with new features and improvements to provide the best possible gaming experience.

How to Use RaweTrip

RaweTrip - The Ultimate CS:GO Software - 2023
  • Visual
  • Rage
  • Legit
  • SkinChanger
  • Aimbot
  • Automatic Fire
  • Two-Shot Damage
  • Double Tap
  • Bomb Indicator

Using RaweTrip is straightforward and user-friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started with RaweTrip:

  1. Download: Visit the official RaweTrip website and download the software from the provided link.
  2. Installation: Once the download is complete, install RaweTrip on your computer following the provided instructions.
  3. Launch: Launch CS:GO and then launch RaweTrip. The software will automatically inject itself into the game.
  4. Customization: Configure your desired settings within RaweTrip to tailor the cheats to your playstyle.
  5. Enjoy: Start playing CS:GO and experience the power of RaweTrip firsthand.

Remember, always use cheats responsibly and ensure that you are not violating any terms of service or rules enforced by the game developers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To address common queries and concerns, here are some frequently asked questions about RaweTrip:

1. Where are the configs stored?

RaweTrip stores its configurations in the “appdata/roaming/rawetripp/” folder. You can access and modify these configurations as needed.

2. Why are all icons not displayed?

If you encounter issues with icons not being displayed, simply install the fonts included in the archive attached with the DLL file.

3. Can I download additional configs?

Yes, the developer’s config is included in the archive. However, it is recommended to use a resolution of 1920×1080 to avoid any interface-related problems.

Updates and Improvements

RaweTrip is continuously updated by its developers to ensure optimal performance and to stay ahead of any anti-cheat measures implemented by CS:GO. Here are some of the recent updates and improvements made to RaweTrip:

  • Hotkeys from scripts are now visible in keybinds.
  • Gloves have been fixed to function properly.
  • Minor bug fixes have been implemented.
  • The [api] has added the “esp class” and “push_flag” functions.
  • The [api] has added the “add_input” function for user input.
  • The [api] has introduced the “ieffects” class for special effects.
  • The [api] has added the “mouse_rect” and “get_mouse_scroll” functions for mouse control.

These updates reflect the dedication of the developers to provide users with a seamless and cutting-edge cheating experience.

User Feedback

RaweTrip has garnered positive feedback from numerous users who have found the software to be effective and reliable. Let’s take a look at some of the comments and reviews:

  1. User 1: “RaweTrip is amazing! It has greatly improved my gameplay, and the features are top-notch. Highly recommended!”
  2. User 2: “I’ve been using RaweTrip for months now, and it has never let me down. The regular updates and stream-proof functionality are impressive.”
  3. User 3: “The new update has taken RaweTrip to the next level. I can now compete with top players using this cheat. Thank you for the great work!”

It is important to note that using cheats in CS:GO or any other game may violate the terms of service and result in consequences, including permanent bans. Always exercise caution and use cheats responsibly.


RaweTrip stands as a powerful CS:GO cheat software that offers a wide range of features, constant updates, and user-friendly functionality. Whether you are looking to improve your aim, gain an advantage over opponents, or customize your in-game experience, RaweTrip has you covered. However, it is crucial to use cheats responsibly and be aware of the potential consequences. So, why wait? Download RaweTrip now and elevate your CS:GO gameplay to new heights!

Disclaimer: The use of cheats in online games may violate the terms of service and result in consequences, including permanent bans. This article is for informational purposes only and does not endorse or promote cheating in any form.

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