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Scripts for doors abound. Therefore, all of the active Roblox Doors Script is available here for you to use right away if you’re looking to get infinite coins and more.Roblox, a bustling hub of creativity and gaming, has become a cornerstone of the online gaming community. With its boundless possibilities, mastering Roblox can often seem daunting. The Doors Script, a key asset for any serious Roblox player, is an exciting solution that can enhance your gameplay and bring a new level of excitement to your Roblox experience.

Unlocking the Potential with Doors

The Doors Script Hack is a tool designed to enhance your Roblox experience. This script is a cheat code that allows you to unlock and manipulate the doors within your game, granting you a level of control that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Getting Started with the Doors Script Hack

Before you can use the Doors Script Hack, you first need to understand how to implement it within your Roblox game. Let’s walk through that process step by step.

Step 1: Accessing the Console

The first step in implementing the Doors Script Hack is to access the console within your Roblox game. This can be done by pressing the F9 key on your keyboard. This will bring up the console where you can input the Doors Script Hack.

Step 2: Inputting the Script

With the console open, you can now input the Script . Be sure to input the script correctly, as any errors could lead to the script not working as intended.

Step 3: Executing the Script

Once the Script has been inputted into the console, the final step is to execute the script. You do this by pressing the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard. Once the script has been executed, you’ll be able to unlock the doors within your game.


  • Figure ESP
  • Library Book ESP
  • Speed Boost
  • Character Glow
  • And Many Item
  • Event Notifiers
  • Remove Ambient

Active script

local a=game:GetService'Players'local b=game:GetService'Workspace'local c=game:
GetService'ContentProvider'local d=game:GetService'CoreGui'do local e e=
hookfunction(c.PreloadAsync,function(f,g,h)if table.find(g,d)then local i=
function(i,j)if i:match'^rbxasset://'or i:match'^rbxthumb://'then return h(i,j)
end end warn'Anticheat Check Detected'return e(f,g,i)end return e(f,g,h)end)end
local e=[[]]local f
=loadstring(game:HttpGet(e..'Library.lua'))()local g=loadstring(game:HttpGet(e..
'addons/SaveManager.lua'))()local h=loadstring(game:HttpGet(e..
'addons/ThemeManager.lua'))()local i=syn and syn.protect_gui or function(i)end
local j=a.LocalPlayer local k={['Beat']=true,['Creak']=true,['Door']=true,[
'Doorknob']=true,['Ghost']=true,['Window Knock']=true}local l=10 local m={}local
n={}local o={}local p=function(p)if p then local q=p:FindFirstChild
'HumanoidRootPart'if q then local r=p:FindFirstChild'Humanoid'return r~=nil end
end return false end local q do q={}q.__index=q function s=
function(t,u)if u==nil then s:destroy()end end)return s:constructor(r)end
function q.constructor(r,s)'BoxHandleAdornment'task.defer(r.
onStart,r)return r end function q.onStart(r)local s=r.instance local t=s:
WaitForChild('FigureRagdoll',2.5)local u=t:WaitForChild('Root',2.5)local v=r.
cham n[v]=true v.Visible=Toggles.FIGURE_CHAMS.Value,0,0)v.
Transparency=0.25,5,2)v.AlwaysOnTop=true v.ZIndex=5 v.
Adornee=u v.RobloxLocked=true v.Parent=u end function q.destroy(r)if r.
destructed then return else r.destructed=true end r.cham:Destroy()n[r.cham]=nil
end end local r do r={}r.__index=r function t=setmetatable({
if v==nil then t:destroy()end end)return t:constructor(s)end function r.
return s end function r.onStart(s)local t=s.instance local u=s.cham o[u]=true u.
0.5,0.1,0.1)u.AlwaysOnTop=true u.ZIndex=5 u.
Adornee=t u.RobloxLocked=true u.Parent=d end function r.destroy(s)if s.
destructed then return else s.destructed=true end s.cham:Destroy()o[s.cham]=nil
end end local s do s={}s.__index=s function u=setmetatable({
if w==nil then u:destroy()end end)return u:constructor(t)end function s.
constructor(t,u)task.defer(t.onStart,t)return t end function s.onStart(t)local u
=t.instance repeat if u.Name=='50'then t:onRoom50()break end if u.Name=='100'
then t:onRoom100()break end until true end function s.onRoom50(t)local u=t.
instance local v=u:WaitForChild('FigureSetup',2.5)local x=
function(x)if x.Name=='Super Cool Bookshelf With Hint Book'then local y=x:
WaitForChild('LiveHintBook',2.5)if y then local z=y:WaitForChild('Base',2.5)if z
then end end end for y,z in ipairs(u.Assets:GetChildren())do task.
defer(x,z)end u.Assets.ChildAdded:Connect(x)end function s.onRoom100(t)local u=t
.instance local v=u:WaitForChild('FigureSetup',2.5)local function
s.destroy(t)if t.destructed then return else t.destructed=true end end end local
t=function(t)local local u=function(u)while not p(u)do u.
DescendantAdded:Wait()end l=u.Humanoid.WalkSpeed u.Humanoid.WalkSpeed=u.Humanoid
.WalkSpeed+Options.WALKSPEED.Value end local v=function(v)if v:IsA'Attachment'
then if Toggles.REMOVE_AMBIENCE.Value then local w for x=1,10 do w=v:
FindFirstChildWhichIsA'Sound'if w then break end task.wait()end if w then if k[w
.Name]then w.Volume=0 print(w.Name)end end end end end local w=function(w)if w.
Name=='RushMoving'then if Toggles.EVENT_NOTIFIER.Value then f:Notify
'[Event Notifier]: Rush spawned, hide quickly!'end end end f:SetWatermark
'Linoria Community (OminousVibes)'f:Notify'Loading UI...'do local x=f:
CreateWindow'Doors'do local y=x:AddTab'Gameplay'do local z=y:AddLeftTabbox
'Modifications'local A=z:AddTab'Character Mods'A:AddSlider('WALKSPEED',{Text=
'Speed Boost',Min=0,Max=10,Default=0,Rounding=1,Suffix=''})A:AddToggle(
'GLOW_ENABLED',{Text='Body Glow',Default=false,Tooltip=
'Adds a subtle glow for better vision'})local B=z:AddTab'World Mods'B:AddToggle(
'REMOVE_AMBIENCE',{Text='Remove Ambience',Default=false,Tooltip=
'Removes the unnecessary sounds from the world'})end do local z=y:
AddRightGroupbox'Notifiers'z:AddToggle('EVENT_NOTIFIER',{Text='Event Notifier',
Default=true,Tooltip='Notifies you when certain events occur'})end end do local
y=x:AddTab'Visuals'do local z=y:AddLeftTabbox'Visuals'local A=z:AddTab'Entities'
A:AddToggle('FIGURE_CHAMS',{Text='Figure Chams',Default=true,Tooltip=
'Figure ESP'})local B=z:AddTab'Objects'B:AddToggle('INTERACT_CHAMS',{Text=
'Interactable Chams',Default=true,Tooltip='ESP for items that can be picked up'}
)end do local z=y:AddRightGroupbox'World Render'end end do local y=x:AddTab
BuildConfigSection(y)h:ApplyToTab(y)local z=y:AddLeftGroupbox'Menu'z:AddButton(
'Unload',function()f:Unload()end)z:AddLabel'Menu bind':AddKeyPicker(
'MenuKeybind',{Default='End',NoUI=true,Text='Menu keybind'})z:AddToggle(
'Keybinds',{Text='Show Keybinds Menu',Default=true}):OnChanged(function()f.
KeybindFrame.Visible=Toggles.Keybinds.Value end)z:AddToggle('Watermark',{Text=
'Show Watermark',Default=true}):OnChanged(function()f:SetWatermarkVisibility(
Toggles.Watermark.Value)end)end end f:Notify'UI Loaded'j.CharacterAdded:Connect(
ChildAdded:Connect(t)do do Options.WALKSPEED:OnChanged(function(x)local y=j.
Character if p(y)then y.Humanoid.WalkSpeed=l+Options.WALKSPEED.Value end end)
Toggles.GLOW_ENABLED:OnChanged(function()for x,y in ipairs(m)do y:Destroy()end
if Toggles.GLOW_ENABLED.Value then local'PointLight'local A='SurfaceLight'z.Brightness=0.75 A.Brightness=0.25 z.Range=20 A.Range
=90 m={z,A}i(z)i(A)z.Parent=j.Character.HumanoidRootPart A.Parent=j.Character.
Head else m={}end end)end do Toggles.FIGURE_CHAMS:OnChanged(function()for x,y in
pairs(n)do x.Visible=Toggles.FIGURE_CHAMS.Value end end)Toggles.INTERACT_CHAMS:
OnChanged(function()for x,y in ipairs(o)do y.Visible=Toggles.INTERACT_CHAMS.
Value end end)end end do local x local y local z=typeof local A,,
math.random local C=game.IsA x=hookmetamethod(game,'__index',function(D,E)if not
checkcaller()then if z(D)=='Instance'then if C(D,'Humanoid')then if E==
'WalkSpeed'then return l end end end end return x(D,E)end)y=hookmetamethod(game,
'__newindex',function(D,E,F)if not checkcaller()then if z(D)=='Instance'then if
C(D,'Humanoid')then if E=='WalkSpeed'then l=F return y(D,E,F+Options.WALKSPEED.
Value)end end end end return y(D,E,F)end)end do local x=j.Character if x then u(
x)end end do for x,y in ipairs(b.CurrentRooms:GetChildren())do task.defer(t,y)
end end return f:Notify'[Doors] Loaded!'


The Doors Script Hack offers a unique way to enhance your Roblox experience, opening up new opportunities and strategies within your games. By understanding its workings, limitations, and best practices, you can integrate this tool into your gameplay effectively. Whether it’s unlocking a hidden door, escaping from an enemy, or simply exploring your game world, the Doors Script Hack puts the power in your hands. Enjoy the enhanced gaming experience it offers and let your Roblox adventure reach new heights.

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