Royale High Fountain answers 2023

In the exciting world of Roblox’s Royale High, one game element that has kept players captivated is the Fountain of Dreams. This fantastical fountain holds the promise of granting coveted halos to a lucky few who answer its riddles correctly. In this Post, we will help you unravel the mysteries of the Fountain of Dreams, focusing on the royale high fountain answers for 2023. Let’s dive in!

The Fountain of Dreams: A Brief Overview

The Fountain of Dreams is not merely a fountain; it is a dispenser of fortunes and misfortunes, a weaver of dreams and nightmares. Engaging with it is a gamble. You could gain diamonds, experience points (XP), or if fortune smiles upon you, a halo. However, you can also lose diamonds or walk away with nothing. Here’s a breakdown of the possibilities:

  • Gain Diamonds: 30% chance
  • Lose Diamonds: 30% chance
  • Gain XP: 30% chance
  • Win a Halo: 10% chance

The odds may seem daunting, but with the right answers, you can tip the scales in your favor.

Royale High Fountain Answers 2023

The path to winning halos from the Fountain of Dreams lies in answering the fountain’s stories correctly. Here, we provide you with the most accurate responses for all the halos for the year 2023.

NOTE: Even though we provide the correct answers, winning a halo is not guaranteed. It only increases your chances of winning one.

Summer Halo 2023: The TidalGlow Halo

The TidalGlow Halo, the Summer Halo of 2023, is a radiant symbol of the season, reminiscent of a shimmering sun. Here are the correct responses for the Summer Halo 2023 stories:

Story and CreatorOption AOption BOption COption D
Jet Ski Trip (Stellarlucas & CtxwnMiaax)CorrectCorrect
Summer Carnival (Khaoticos)Correct
Underwater Castle (0bvlouslyana)Correct
Join a butler’s team (BuyROOKIEOn Itunes)Correct
Summer Job (Sit_Vampz)Correct
Sea Monster (Valaeria & Tmzserena)Correct
Surfboard contest (LittleWolfGX)Correct
Summer pageant Stylist (Zelina_Odison)Correct
Choosing an ice cream flavor (iilnspxreil)??
Lost Necklace (Hotdog_Chowder & Sunny_Expl0si0n)Correct
Scuba diving adventure (blurry_bunny & sserot0nin)Correct
Fenix the messenger (iostgirlz & yurisfile)Correct
Seashell Contest (avocadoelise)??
Dominic needs help (E-melxa)Correct
Followwing the voice (exvelyn)Correct

Spring Halo 2023

As the season of rejuvenation, Spring brings with it the Spring Halo 2023. Here are the correct responses for the Spring Halo 2023 stories:

Story and CreatorOption AOption BOption COption D
The Goose (Unicorn60100)CorrectCorrect
Violet’s Activities (Taeatetea)Correct
Three Flower Fields (QuillLaLoka)Correct
Baby chicks (NotLucyugh)Correct
Maddie’s Petting Zoo (DevilandCat)CorrectCorrect
Bunnies in the tunnel (cakeclaircake)CorrectCorrect
Follow an Arrow (BaBlues250)Correct
Broken Basket (Lexhavvas)Correct
Violet and the pig (Unicorns_Rainbows520)Correct
Magical Tornado (PikachuYAY85)Correct
Wendy and Rowena (lightbulb1970)Correct
Delilah’s Farmers Market (EtherealFlyy)Correct
Heavy Rain (SleepyGoblinz)Correct
Enchanted fairy forest (Sammyloop11)Correct
Enchanted portals (MinoRulez2469/Navygirl1233)CorrectCorrect
Violet and the pig (Unicorns_Rainbows520)Correct

Winter Halo 2022

To match the frosty allure of Winter, the Winter Halo 2022 is a sight to behold. Here are the correct responses for the Winter Halo 2022 stories:

Story and CreatorOption AOption BOption COption D
Escape the snowy nightmare and leave the abandoned cabin (vi_autumn)Correct
Choose an Activity (ArachnoCutiee)Correct
Snowy figure startles you (Cicilo07)Correct
Mystical item inside of the citadel of ice (luvllyhearts)Correct
Scented candle to light (miniclouds_ii)Correct
Ethereal creature and avalanche (LidiaHopeAngel)Correct
Trail of animal tracks to follow (zephvrix/vixyte)Correct
Boat inside of Snowglobe Summit (Starryfaes)Correct
Ice skates from the rental booth (oOCleopatraOo)Correct
Captain Whiskers some holiday cheer (ThENeRDThATIsRaNDOM)Correct
Beverage from the pale snow fairy (GalxcticGuinea/Lxna_Topcat)Correct
At the Winter Ball (IconicSoftx/MediDaEevee)CorrectCorrect
A part from the table to bring to the man in white (lychee_waffles)CorrectCorrect
Tripping over the snow globe (Mineresta)Correct
Sugary snack for breakfast on a snow day (svftalli)Correct

Halloween Halo 2022 – Witching Hour

The Halloween Halo 2022, also known as the Witching Hour, is an embodiment of all things spooky. Here are the correct responses for the Halloween Halo 2022 stories:

Story and CreatorOption AOption BOption COption D
Giant magical scarecrowCorrect
Choosing trail Abandoned pumpkin patchCorrect
Help Hazel the earth fairy??
Butternut the squirrel and his friendsCorrectCorrect
Flyer for the Wickery Cliffs Halloween FestivalCorrectCorrect
Adam first at the Fall FestivalCorrectCorrect
Potion ingredients in the Halloween-themed houseCorrectCorrect
Intersection in the corn maze??
Royale High Fall Farmers MarketCorrect
Elderly lady who offers to knit you somethingCorrect
Snowy owlCorrect
Colorful leaf from the fountain dimension??
Foggy woods after following the weeping soundCorrectCorrect
Black cat on the cliffCorrect
Abandoned MansionCorrectCorrect
Noticing the fox, orange forest, and colorful sunsetCorrectCorrect
Glowing chest in the costume storeCorrectCorrect
Dessert from the old woman at the fall-themed cafeCorrectCorrect
Potion to make at the youthful witch’s boothCorrectCorrect
Swirling leaves turn into something that looks humanoidCorrectCorrect
Pumpkin to carve for the baby-faced girl’s contestCorrect
Maxwell the GhostCorrect
Old Stall VendorCorrectCorrect
Graveyard RealmCorrect

Mermaid Halo 2022

The Mermaid Halo 2022 is a symbol of the enchanting underwater world. Here are the correct responses for the Mermaid Halo 2022 stories:

Story and CreatorOption AOption BOption COption D
Enchanted seashell scepter??
Monrovia BizerriesCorrect
The missing crab, StormCorrect
Pandora, the Water NymphCorrect
Pick a SeashellCorrect
Glowing Bottle??
Captain WhiskersCorrect
Four MermaidsCorrect
Intense HeatCorrect
Cake decorating contestCorrect
Strange seashellCorrect
The ice cream storeCorrect
Pirate’s lost treasureCorrect
Summer FairgroundCorrect
Summer CarnivalCorrect
Choose a CaveCorrect
Sandcastle competitionCorrect

Spring Halo 2022

The Spring Halo 2022 is representative of the bounty and beauty of Spring. Here are the correct responses for the Spring Halo 2022 stories:

Story and CreatorOption AOption BOption COption D
Choose a dance parter for the Castle Garden Dance-OffCorrect
Summon the naiad and choose a flowerCorrect
Choose which plant to find for the Fountain GirlCorrect
Help Lucille prepare for the annual flower festivalCorrect
Choose an instrumentCorrect
Choose which plant to water first for BlossomCorrect
Earthquake in Divina ParkCorrect
Helping the mother robinCorrect
Choose a fashion model from Aria??
Help Nissa with the Venus FlytrapCorrect
Choose a magnificent flower for the Divina Park Flower Picking ContestCorrectCorrect
Choose a path in the flower realm??

We will update this guide as new halos become available. Remember, winning a halo is not guaranteed; it is a game of chance. But with these royale high fountain answers 2023, you can increase your odds. Happy gaming!

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