Small Town Cheat Codes – Unlimited

Welcome to “Small Town,” a game that has a lot of fans all over the world. The talented developer Jake Still made the game in 2023. It is a unique way to play that involves strategy, managing resources, and interacting with other people. The Small Town cheat codes, on the other hand, are a hidden part of the game that can help you play a lot better. This article will tell you everything you need to know about these cheat codes and how to use them well.

The Wonder of Small Town Cheat Codes

Cheat codes in Small Town serve as a powerful tool, helping you gain an edge in the game. These codes can unlock a wide array of benefits, ranging from unlimited cash to boundless corruption, and even immortality. The game developers have introduced these codes to enhance the user experience, allowing them to explore the game’s depth without any constraints.

These cheat codes can be used to unlock special items, boost your character’s abilities, and more. With these codes, you can access exclusive characters, unlock new articles, and even acquire an immense amount of money. The cheat codes are easy to use and can significantly improve your gameplay, offering you a substantial advantage in the game.

Small Town Cheat Codes
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Applying Small Town Cheat Codes

Using Small Town cheat codes is a simple process. Below is a list of the working cheat codes and the benefits they provide:

  • plaha: This cheat code provides you with +99999 corruption and a whopping $1,000,000,000 cash.
  • november: This code locks the lust level at 101.
  • cat: This cheat code sets lives to 69.
  • stuck: This code provides you with +9999 sister corruption and +100 sister lust.
  • urmom: This cheat code gives you +9999 mom corruption and +100 mom lust.
  • chessclub: This code provides you with +9999 bro corruption and +100 bro lust.
  • freegas: This cheat code gives you +9999 dad corruption and +100 dad lust.
  • alabama: This code gives you +9999 corruption (sis, bro, mom, and dad) and +100 lust (sis, bro, mom, and dad).

These codes offer an infinite amount of cash that you can use to purchase electronics and other items. Additionally, they provide a substantial corruption that can be utilized in the game.


Small Town cheat codes can substantially enhance your gaming experience, allowing you to explore the game’s depth without constraints. However, it’s vital to use these codes responsibly, ensuring they add value to your gameplay without compromising the challenges and the thrill that the game offers.

Remember, the ultimate goal of playing any game is to enjoy the experience. Cheat codes are tools to enhance this experience, but they should not become a substitute for the skill and strategy required to play the game. So, use these cheat codes wisely and enjoy your time in Small Town.

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