Soul Cultivation Wiki: Mastery, Locations, Skills, and More

Welcome to the comprehensive Soul Cultivation Wiki, your ultimate guide to the popular Roblox game created by akaKrilex. In this wiki, you’ll learn about mastery, locations, skills, cultivation realms, cultivation paths, NPCs, enemies, and much more. Keep reading to enhance your gaming experience and become a master of Soul Cultivation!


In Soul Cultivation, players can acquire various skills to aid them on their journey to become powerful cultivators. These skills can be offensive, defensive, or utility-focused, offering a wide range of gameplay possibilities. Here are some notable skills you can learn in the game:

Body Refining

Body Refining allows players to refine their bodies, increasing all stats by 25%. However, this skill consumes 10 Qi per second. To learn Body Refining, you’ll need a minimum of 250 max Qi.

Flying Sword

The Flying Sword skill enables players to spawn a sword beneath their feet and fly with it. To learn this skill, you’ll need 1 million max Qi and 5,000 Spirit Stones.

Qi Release

Qi Release creates a zone that damages and slows enemies based on the Cultivation Realm difference. The zone size increases with max Qi, but your Qi multiplier is halved. To learn Qi Release, you’ll need 30 million max Qi and 7,500 Spirit Stones.

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike grants the ability to strike enemies with lightning from the palm of your hand. This skill can be obtained by defeating Lesser Angel enemies, with a chance of it dropping upon their defeat. To use Lightning Strike, you’ll need 1 billion max Qi.

Cultivation Paths

Players can choose from different Cultivation Paths, which offer various buffs and debuffs to their gameplay. Here are the three primary paths available:


Heaven is a balanced path with no significant buffs or debuffs:

  • Qi Multiplier divided by 1
  • Stats multiplied by 1
  • Spirit Stones dropped from enemies multiplied by 1

Demon (+ Blood Stones)

The Demon path offers several buffs and debuffs:

  • Qi Multiplier divided by 3 (debuff)
  • Stats multiplied by 1.25 (buff)
  • Spirit Stones dropped from enemies multiplied by 1.25 (buff)
  • Blood Stones from enemies grant two seconds of cultivation, but cost 50 Spirit Stones each (buff)


The Beast path provides players with increased power at the cost of reduced rewards:

  • Qi Multiplier multiplied by 1.5 (buff)
  • Stats multiplied by 1.5 (buff)
  • Spirit Stones dropped from enemies multiplied by 0.75 (debuff)
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Mastery and Stats

Masteries in Soul Cultivation determine your character’s strength in various aspects of the game. There are several types of mastery:

Slaying Mastery

Slaying Mastery increases the Spirit Stones and damage you gain from defeating enemies. You can earn Slaying Mastery by defeating enemies in the game.

Harvesting Mastery

Harvesting Mastery increases the speed at which you collect herbs and fruits. Luck increases the rarity of ginseng and the chance to collect fruits.

Alchemy Mastery

Alchemy Mastery allows players to create Breakthrough Time Reduction (BTR) pills and Dragon pills. The Grade Skip feature enables you to skip a grade when making pills, ranging from Low Grade to Peak Grade. Improving your Alchemy Mastery reduces the chance of failure and increases the chance of a Grade Skip when crafting pills.


Stats improve your character’s damage, defense, and Qi. Stat points (DAO) are gained from breaking through cultivation realms, and can be allocated to enhance your character’s abilities.

Cultivation Realms

Cultivation Realms represent the various stages of power that players progress through in Soul Cultivation. Each realm has its own set of stages and Qi Breakthrough requirements. Here are some examples of these realms:

Mortal Stage

The Mortal Stage serves as the starting point for players, with ten stages to complete. The Qi Breakthrough requirements range from 60 for Mortal Stage I to 2,700 for Mortal Stage X.

Qi Condensation Stage

The Qi Condensation Stage features ten stages with Qi Breakthrough requirements ranging from 3,800 for Stage I to 168,600 for Stage X.

Foundation Establishment Stage

The Foundation Establishment Stage has ten stages, with Qi Breakthrough requirements starting at 238,000 for Stage I and increasing to 10,700,000 for Stage X.


Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are essential to the Soul Cultivation experience, providing players with quests, rewards, and vital information. Players will encounter various NPCs throughout their journey, each with their own unique tasks and rewards.

Some notable NPCs include Rick, Junior, and Damon, who offer quests and rewards based on the player’s Cultivation Realm.


Players will encounter numerous enemies during their journey in Soul Cultivation, each presenting unique challenges and requiring different strategies to defeat. Enemies range from lesser foes such as Bandits and Delinquents to powerful adversaries like Sect Elders and Heavenly Cultivators.


Soul Cultivation features a vast world filled with diverse locations for players to explore, each offering unique resources, enemies, and challenges. Some notable locations include:

  • The Starter Island: A beginner-friendly area where players can learn the basics of the game.
  • The United Daoist Land: The home of NPC Rick and a hub for players to progress through the Mortal Stage.
  • Yang Sect: A powerful sect that hosts quests, NPCs, and enemies for players in the higher Cultivation Realms.

Items and Resources

In Soul Cultivation, players can collect various items and resources to aid them in their journey. These include herbs, fruits, Spirit Stones, Blood Stones, and more. Each resource has its own unique purpose and can be used to craft items, enhance stats, or progress through Cultivation Realms.

Trello and Social Media

The Soul Cultivation Trello is an essential resource for players looking for a visual guide to the game. The Trello board includes information on skills, Cultivation Realms, Cultivation Paths, NPCs, enemies, and more. You can find the Soul Cultivation Trello here.

Additionally, players can stay up-to-date on the latest game updates, events, and discussions by joining the Soul Cultivation Discord and following the game’s social media channels.

FAQ Soul Cultivation Wiki

In this section, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about Soul Cultivation:

How do I learn new skills in Soul Cultivation?

New skills can be learned by meeting certain Qi and Spirit Stone requirements or by defeating specific enemies.

Can I change my Cultivation Path after choosing one?

Currently, players cannot change their Cultivation Path once it has been selected.

What is the best way to earn Spirit Stones?

Increasing your Slaying Mastery and defeating powerful enemies will yield higher amounts of Spirit Stones.

How do I progress through Cultivation Realms?

Progression through Cultivation Realms requires players to meet specific Qi Breakthrough requirements and complete tasks or challenges.

With this comprehensive Soul Cultivation Wiki, you’re now well-equipped to tackle the thrilling world of Soul Cultivation. From mastering various skills to navigating the many Cultivation Realms, this guide will help you become a formidable cultivator in no time. Happy cultivating!

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