Top 11 Minecraft Sex Mod -You Can’t Miss in 2023

This is our Minecraft Sex Mods guide. So, if you want to change the base game or spice things up, here’s where you can get Minecraft sex modifications. Minecraft can be used for various objectives, including artistic expression, education, and social interaction. But, with the ability to develop mods on any subject, it was only a matter of time before the modding community created sex mods like any other game. If you are under 18, use these sex mod minecraft with parental supervision.

Find Minecraft Sex Mod

The general rule is that if anything exists, there will be pornography of it. While the vanilla Minecraft game has no explicit content, its mod support brings in creative content that seeks to alter the original gameplay.
Minecraft sex mods exist, and they allow for character nudity and vulgar behaviour. While they are not always easy to find, they are plentiful. So, in this essay, we’ll figure out where to find Minecraft sex modifications.

Hottest Minecraft Se x Mod

The fact that its sexual content is destined to appear online is an unexplained phenomenon. Thanks to committed efforts, this is especially true for the gaming sector. Modders Even family games like Minecraft are susceptible to mods that veer from the game’s intended aim. We somewhat grudgingly present some of Minecraft’s most popular sexmod for minecraft.

1.SchnurriTV’s Sexmod Official

SchnurriTV working on a Minecraft Sexmod. It is still in the works, but HE leaked an unstable version of it due to… HE mental state at the time. So there’s no point in hiding it anymore. The main difference between this and the unstable version is that it supports Multiplayer, Ellie no longer glitches you out, girls now spawn in their structures, those “churches” no longer spawn, and much more.

Installation Process:

  1. Obtain Forge for Minecraft version 1.12.2 and execute its installation.
  2.  Acquire SchnurriTV’s Sexmod 1.2 and place it within your mods directory.

Customizing the Modification: A configuration file labeled ‘config.json’ will be in your ‘.minecraft/sexmod’ folder following the initial launch. This file contains three variables:

  • shouldGenBuildings: When set to true, residences for the female characters will materialize.
  •  If set to false, these residences will not manifest; a simple outcome.
  •  shouldLoadOtherSkins: When set to true, your client will load the avatars of fellow players during intimate interactions, unavoidably resulting in momentary performance disruptions upon the first occurrence. This inconvenience can be attributed to Minecraft’s gradual texture-loading process.
  •  If set to false, participants engaged in these interactions will adopt your avatar, ensuring smooth proceedings without any performance hindrances.

In case an error arises, rectify it by removing the file. The modification will generate a fresh configuration file for your convenience upon the subsequent launch.

Minecraft SchnurriTV’s Sex Mod Download

Top 11 Minecraft Sex Mod -You Can't Miss in 2023

2.Jenny Mod

The Jenny Mod adds a new Minecraft character with superpowers and excellent healing abilities. You can find her in a building with a pointed roof and give her gifts like diamonds, emeralds, and gold. The mod also includes a new mob inspired by the TV show, My Life as a Teenage Robot.

After giving a ring to your girlfriend in Minecraft, it can defend you against enemies. You can command it to follow or stay put, and equip it with a diamond sword to increase its attack power. The Jenny Mod supports multiplayer, allowing you to play with friends and battle through all the challenges of Minecraft PE.

Download Minecraft Jenny Sex Mod

Jenny Mod

4.Minecraft Optifine Playermodel

Thick Optifine is a simple mod that replaces the player model with one that has significantly more curves and “enhancements” than Steve or Alex. The player can equip a variety of costumes in varying degrees of undress. While there is nothing obviously sexual about the mod other than the model’s appearance, it is one of the better-designed mods available.

Download Minecraft Thick Optifine Player Model Mod

Minecraft Optifine Playermodel

5.MC Sex Mod ALPHA

This mod enables special interactions with female character models in designated houses. Although there are no animations, it’s suitable for those interested in the activity without watching. It’s my first dedicated Minecraft mod, crafted over a couple of days with Java knowledge and determination

Download Minecraft MC Sex Mod


6.FFC Texture Mod

The FFC mod enables you to alter enemy textures, giving them various ‘enhanced female features.’ You can also mix in male features, leading to intriguing combinations during enemy encounters. This is a set of Blockbench models intended for use with the Figura mod, allowing you to add breasts, buttocks, and/or masculine features to your character.

Download Minecraft FFC Texture Mod

7.Girl Kingdom Mod

This mod enables intimate interactions with enemy creatures, offering various customization options. If you’re interested in engaging in romantic interactions with enemy mobs, this mod is designed for you. It provides multiple features for interacting with mobs according to your preferences and even allows you to customize their appearance to your liking.

Download Models For Figura! Minecraft Mod

Girl Kingdom Mod

8.Lewd Resource Pack Mod

He made this pack for my personal use and to share with a small group of friends. Eventually, he decided to share it on the internet, hoping others would enjoy it. The pack contains modified Minecraft textures, including beds, paintings, icons, and even damaged sounds, transformed into more risqué versions. I included cute or alluring things, like anime-style characters, various outfits, and imaginative elements. He took inspiration from existing Minecraft texture packs online to create this. He also plans to add more content to this resource pack.”

Download Minecraft Lewd Resource Pack

Lewd Resource Pack Mod

9.Pretty Flesh Minecraft Mod

The Soul Stone, a crucial element of summoning, is created by capturing a soul in the depths of hell. Crafting involves using a piece of soul sand and some quartz to stabilize the process. By infusing the Soul Stone with a fragment of memory or imagination, you can mold the trapped soul into the likeness of the person you intend to summon. When placed within a body, the desired individual will come to life.
The entity you bring forth is akin to a regular person possessing a unique personality and behavior. While you may notice distinctions in your interactions, one constant remains: they cannot physically oppose their creator.

Download Pretty Flesh Minecraft Mod

Pretty Flesh Minecraft Mod

10.Minecraft Texture Pack Big Tits Nudity

This Minecraft texture pack is inspired by the ‘Definitive Hentai Pack’ created by an anonymous artist. I was unsatisfied with the appearance of many blocks, so I decided to create my own textures. I resized and edited almost all blocks to be at least 512×512 pixels. To achieve larger textures, I also utilized the ‘Faithful’ mod and occasionally performed specific Google searches for particular blocks.

For certain cases, I attempted to create my own textures using Photoshop, although my skills are limited. I gathered images primarily from hentai websites like and Gelbooru, focusing on illustrations of girls. I made exceptions for images featuring real-life adult actresses. Subsequently, I used Photoshop to seamlessly integrate these textures with the images of girls, aiming for a cohesive look.

It’s important to note that I didn’t create any original artwork or textures myself; my work involved merging the existing textures and images and then applying them to the Minecraft game. The original texture pack that serves as the foundation for this work is intended for version 1.17, even though there might be compatibility issues. I personally use this texture pack on the Java edition, specifically on the latest version, 1.19.2.

Download Texture Pack Big Tits Nudity

11.Sus & Co. LTD

Sus refers to something that is dubious, suspicious, or dishonest. Sus & Co. LTD is essentially a Discord server that shares a plethora of Minecraft sex mods.
When you join its 239 members, simply go to the booba-mod section and you will be welcomed with a plethora of free SchnurriTV Minecraft sex mods.

Sus and Co. LTD Server

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