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Have you ever wondered who was the servant of the famous fairytale writer, Hayden? While Hayden is best known for his enchanting stories, his personal life has always been shrouded in mystery. But we did some digging, and we have uncovered some fascinating details about the life of this celebrated writer and his enigmatic servant.

Early Life

Hayden, whose real name was Garcia Hayden, was born in the Lilith Kingdom in the year 530. He grew up in a humble family of farmers, but his love for stories and writing was evident from a young age. Hayden’s father, who was illiterate, would often tell him stories of knights and princesses, inspiring the young boy to create his own tales.

Rise to Fame

Hayden’s talent for storytelling was recognized early on, and he soon became a sought-after writer. He wrote many stories, but his most famous work was the fairytale “Dream of Evernight Kingdom,” which tells the story of a cursed kingdom where it is always night. The story was an instant hit and has remained a classic to this day.

Personal Tragedy

While Hayden’s professional life was thriving, his personal life was marked by tragedy. His daughter, Lillian, whom he adored, passed away at a young age. Grief-stricken, Hayden created a rabbit and named it after his daughter. The rabbit, Lillian, went on to become a librarian to preserve Hayden’s stories.

The Enigmatic Servant

Now, let’s turn our attention to the question that has been on everyone’s minds – who was Hayden’s servant? The answer is Lilian. Lilian was not just a rabbit but also Hayden’s trusted servant. She was the one who would take care of all his needs, from cooking his meals to cleaning his house. Lilian was a constant companion to Hayden, and he relied on her completely.


Hayden’s stories continue to be beloved by readers around the world, and his legacy lives on. His work has inspired countless writers and artists, and his fairytale “Dream of Evernight Kingdom” remains a popular theme in fashion and design. Hayden’s servant, Lilian, is a testament to the enduring love and loyalty that can exist between a writer and his creation.


In conclusion, Hayden’s servant was not just a rabbit but also his trusted confidante and companion. While we may never know the full extent of their relationship, it is clear that Lilian played an important role in Hayden’s life and work. As we continue to enjoy Hayden’s stories, let us also remember the enigmatic servant who helped bring them to life.


who is the famous writer haydens servant?

Hayden was a famous fairytale writer from the Lilith Kingdom. His most famous work was the fairytale “Dream of Evernight Kingdom.”

Who was Hayden’s daughter?

Hayden’s daughter was named Lillian. She passed away at a young age, and Hayden created a rabbit and named it after her.

Who was Hayden’s servant?

Hayden’s servant was Lilian, a rabbit who also took care of all his needs.

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